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Air Fryers

Air Fryers

Air Fryers Tefal Air Fryers

If you love the taste of crispy fried treats but want a healthier option, a hot air fryer is a great alternative to a deep fat fryer. All the great taste, crunch, crispiness but none of the guilt! Our flagship ActiFry with its new Genius technology allowing you to cook meals in one go at the touch of a button with its iconic stirring motion meaning perfectly even cooking.

Its clever combination of hot air and a rotating paddle means you no longer have to stop and shake or stir your food part way through cooking like many other alternatives. Delicious dishes like risotto, curries, stews and even doughnuts are all possible with ActiFry!

With our air fryers the possibilities are endless. Our 2 in 1 means you can even cook your meat or fish whilst you cook your chips or roasted veg at the same time…genius! Many traditional deep fryers, chip fryers or air fryers simply cannot handle the versatility of dishes you can get from an ActiFry air fryer; from casseroles to curries to desserts, the possibilities are endless.

For those new to the category or who just simply want a more basic air fryer to cook their chips and treats a little bit more healthier, our Easy Fry range of air fryers are also a great option.

All of our air fryer models are beautifully designed to look great out on the work top alongside your other kitchen appliances.